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    It’s that time again! :-) I’m happy to announce my 2nd tumblr giveaway, featuring cool new prizes as well as some old faves. This time I’m organizing it through rafflecopter, so be sure to pay extra attention to the rules!

    1) This is a thank you present for my followers, so yes, you must be following me (don’t worry, if u can rough it through the patriarchy u will survive my selfies Be Strong My Sisters)
    2) New followers are welcome and appreciated, but for the love of bell hooks do not follow only with the intention of unfollowing later. People put their time, money, and energy into giveaways, it’s dishonest and rude af to do that look at ur life look at ur choices
    3) Likes do count, but I strongly suggest that you reblog too, at least once. (You must like or reblog this post at least once to enter! I’ll be checking.) SUPER IMPORTANT LIKE BEYONCE-LEVEL IMPORTANT: Be sure to record every entry on rafflecopter, that’s the only way it’s guaranteed to be seen, because that’s what I’ll be using to pick the winner since tumblr is notorious for eating notes on giveaway posts!
    4) I will ship anywhere ‘cept Narnia and Nightvale u live in Siberia u live in Nebraska whatever that’s fine u’ll get ur shit *gently dabs your forehead with a damp towel*
    5) There are loads of ways to get extra entries and most of them aren’t even that annoying, check it out on rafflecopter just do it u kno u want these goodies.
    6) No reblogging to giveaway blogs it’s cheating and u know it *peeps at u over my rad shades*
    7) Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm PST on September 30th. Stuff will be sent out sometime in the few weeks after that calm down friend you’re waiting for some cutesy bracelets not the third season of Orange Is The New Black

    ~1st Prize:~
    * Your choice of up to 5 feminist books (pictured). Yes folks a few of these are thrifted but none of them look like they were the property of the Half-Blood Prince don’t be a hater u capitalist pig
    * Your choice of 3 buttons from my shop, hella awesome.
    * Your choice of 3 bracelets - a full list isn’t available yet because I’m visiting family and I stupidly forgot to take pictures before I left, but samples are above. Examples include: Feminist, Riot Grrrl, Khaleesi, Queen, Mermaid, etc. More pics will be posted later don’t panic these bracelets are cute as hell
    * Your choice of 5 (individual) stickers from my shop - not all of the designs are officially up for sale yet, but you can still choose those designs!
    * One pack of 4 Superhero Buttons ft Supergirl and Wonder Woman
    * Your choice of one “No Uterus, No Opinion”, Powerpuff Girls, or “I heart Men” button
    * One Wonder Woman Keychain
    * One custom mixed CD of “girl power” songs (playlist is a surprise!)

    ~2nd Prize:~
    Your choice of the following -
    * One book and 3 stickers
    * 3 stickers, 1 bracelet, 1 button
    * 2 buttons, 1 bracelet

    ~3rd prize:~
    * A bracelet, button, or 3 stickers of your choice

    Okay that should do it, stay tuned for additional info and possible additional prizes in the coming weeks!

    Hey, I’m running a feminist giveaway on my personal, and I thought some of you might be interested!  You get two extra entries just for being a follower of WKA. <3


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    i wish there was somewhere to just anonymously confess personal shit. like not for any fandom or anything, but just shit about yourself or anything. cos there are actually so many things that I want to talk about, but don’t want anyone to know


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    Middleearthgirls [fandom jewelry] giveaway!

     handmade polymer clay jewelry from etsy


    • reblog this post
    • likes don’t count, but are appreciated!
    • you can reblog as many times as you like, so long as you don’t spam!
    • please have your askbox open and ready to be notified! 
    • giveaway ends FEBRUARY 1st 11:59 EST

     F I R S T P L A C E 

    • any piece of jewelry

     S E C O N D P L A C E 

    • any pair of earrings
    ❧ We can’t wait to give some jewelry out to 2 lucky winners! Namárië, Live long and prosper, and may the Force be with you!

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    the first one

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  8. everybody needs a lieutenant mills, ESPECIALLY dean

    for the awesome becca

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    MARVEL WOMEN present:

    "My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit"
    Flavia Dzodan 

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